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Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. -Edmund Burke

Mission Statement

Big Bore LLC’s mission is preserving the past to educate the future.

The men and women’s stories who struggled in conflicts around the world should never be forgotten.
Which is why Big Bore LLC strives to tell a part of their story through restoration of the weapons they used.
Once restored, our pieces become a larger than life encounter with history that you will never forget.


Our work is currently showcased in museums and private collections all around the country.
We have worked on pieces from a wide variety of time periods as well as countries.

  • Discovery Channel
  • Discovery Park of America
  • National WWII Museum
  • Drive Tanks
  • Collins Foundation
  • Craig’s Museum


Big Bore LLC prides itself in excellence. Every step in the restoration process is done to the best of our ability.
Whether it takes hours of research or painstaking color matching, Big Bore is dedicated to restoring your piece to how it was when it came off the assembly line.
Safety is our top priority at Big Bore LLC. We strive every day to create a safe work environment for our employees.
In addition, no pieces are sold without complete confidence that our customer knows how to safely operate it. More on safety procedures


Federal Dealers License

Federal Explosives License

Office Hours

Mon.—Thurs. 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

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